“What if I don’t like the taste of alcohol?”

I’m a frequent reader and slightly less frequent poster over at r/cocktails on Reddit and this is a question that I see much too often.  Other posters clearly have a little more patience than I, to answer those every week, but my own response isn’t a cocktail… it’s a conversation. First of all, there are… Continue reading “What if I don’t like the taste of alcohol?”

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A Comprehensive Guide to Martinis

When I sip on Sweet Vermouth I suddenly find myself transported to the Italian countryside on a warm spring day, sitting next to the vines, listening to the bees buzz and watching my boyfriend labor in the fresh sun (spoiler alert: he’s shirtless). A small glass of Dry Vermouth finds me in a quaint Parisian café, next to a bustling street as the waiter describes our lunch in words I can’t understand but find tantalizing nonetheless.